::  Елизабета Линднер Костадиновска ::

::gendering the german language::

::Дороти пачкова:: Без наслов::                     ::Doroti Pachkova:: Untitled::


gender me gender me softly in a political way

take the very last of myself, of ourselves

men, women, male, female, shemale, shemen,

hemale, bemale, femen, hemen, wemen,

all in one human

amen, aman, feman


feels like right, feelmen, feelwomen,

feelright, feelleft, feelall, feelfall

gender me gender me again

we have justice to gender

feel right on the left

think left on the right

overthink your female side

and rest in peace without dying as a man

or as a child or as a world.


gender me gender me slowly

make my language the mother tongue of poetry

writing and spelling all-around the earth and the sky

silently whispering and screaming, trying to reach

the unspeakable the unbelievable the untouchable


gender me gender me absurdly

and try to save the world with wars

feels like right, feels like left,

feels like life, feels like loss

so stop fucking gendering me – the language

the symbols, pictures and thoughts of us all

stop spreading hate on female signs again

free the language, feel free, feel your soul,

it’s all in one, human

feel your fear

free your fear

we are all in one, a dying human

in a sleepy world gendering around

instead of overthinking it all

in a poetical way:


future is female

and all in one human.


Wassily Kandinsky::Komposition VIII::1923